Hardnews Foreign Policy

Hardnews Foreign Policy (HNFP) is the latest offering by Hardnews Media Private Limited, which has brought out an eponymous magazine since December 2003. Hardnews has always been at the vanguard of independent reportage on foreign and domestic issues. In its 15 years of existence, it has a number of journalistic exposes to its credit.  

What HNFP seeks to do is to leverage Hardnews’ deep interest and competence on Foreign Policy and present it in a digital-first format. The website will look at global affairs underpinned by our understanding of defense, energy, and connectivity. Unlike other publications, which are influenced by western media and think tanks, HNFP will bring these reports and analysis from a uniquely South Asian perspective weaving together reporting and rigour of academia.

Our Mission:

As elucidated above, there is a crying need for creating an alternative that challenges the stranglehold or hegemony that the trans-Atlantic media exerts over the idea of the world: the future ‘globalisation’, the direction of ‘war’, and the renaming of geopolitical constructs. Without being shrill or losing objectivity, we will explore the new forces of history that are driving change globally. We will report on connectivity projects like the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), or Eurasian Economic Union or India’s own transportation corridor.

HNFP will also report and analyse- fairly and objectively- all the major defence deals and their various stages of evolution in India. We understand it is a tricky area, but we would see these developments not through the prism of politics, but from the point of technology and contestation between different vendors. We will also report from India’s borders with other countries etc.

HNFP still believes in the first world war construct that much of the violence in West Asia and elsewhere is over the desire of big powers to control the supply of fossil fuel. Hardnews has reported from these theatres of war and would continue to follow these traditions.

In HNFP, the reader will find a refreshing and interesting perspective.