Citizen Amendment Bill: institutionalising division

So why leave out the persecuted communities of Ahmediyas, Sufis, Shias in Pakistan, or the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and the Rohingyas in Myanmar?

A women’s revolution rises from the Syrian war

London-based writer and activist Rahila Gupta in conversation with Sanjay Kapoor.

Hong Kong: ‘Silent’ Majority wants Democracy

The district polls victory is not only symbolic, it is also a pointer that the ossified structures of totalitarianism are not such a popular idea in China anymore, especially in Hong Kong.

Saudi Arabia: The sticky politics of war and peace greased by a $24 billion IPO

The gargantuan Saudi Aramco public issue which follows a catastrophic attack on oil refineries presents an opportunity to countries of the region to reorder ties and explore peace.

Trending: I Stand With JNU

India should learn a lesson from the massive resistance struggles in Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon and Iraq, where the entire spectrum of society, from shopkeepers to mothers and workers have joined hands with the young rebels.

Three murders in Santiniketan

They happen, one by one, with all the diabolical drama thrown in, not one murder, but three, rocking the eternal peace of the peaceful landscape in forever retreat, pushing everyone on the edge.

JNU: Relentless Struggle for the Right to Education

JNU has always walked in solidarity with the downtrodden in their struggles. The administration wants to kill its progressive essence with a massive hostel hike which will block poor students. But, JNU students refuse to be defeated.

Durga: She lies on the floor, in perfect repose

Annie Ali Khan died too young. Her spiritual journeys with a notebook and camera is still incomplete.

Ayodhya: A Solomonic Judgment, Not Quite Closure

The Solomonic verdict by the Supreme Court will not help in halting the march of victimisation in India.

Afghan Polls: All Fingers Crossed

The election results and how the new government accommodates Taliban will decide whether it will end the relentless conflict and daily violence and deaths in this region.

Iranian Women and Football: Hear our Voice

Vibrant and happy female fans filled the stand with colour and exuberance as they cheered for Iran’s national team at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.

Turkey and Kurds: Is the end game in sight?

It could be quite possible if Turkey — satisfied with the push back of Kurds from their enclaves — decides to withdraw its troops.

Doris Lessing: The Grass is Still Singing

Her hundredth anniversary is a great opportunity to look at Lessing’s writing and take stock of her immense contribution to the world of ideas

‘Ancient Indians were compulsively carnivorous’

Historian and archaeologist Nayanjot Lahiri speaks to Amit Sengupta.

Kashmir: A muscular decision that has weakened India’s hand

It is a typically predictable Catch-22 scenario, and even the most muscular gamblers might have actually botched it up very, very, badly.