India, Japan discuss quake safety

Climate change has further aggravated the disaster risk, he said, adding “Therefore, disaster risk management can no longer remain isolated from the overall strategy of sustainable development.”

Sri Lanka lifts State of Emergency

Curfews and social media bans were brought in to try and quell tension.

Cabinet approves MoU between India and Iran

The MoU will be will be valid initially for a period of five years and will be automatically extended for a subsequent period of five years unless either party notifies the other of its intention of terminating it.

Nepal President Bhandari re-elected

President Bhandari garnered over 74 percent of the votes to be re-elected.

Macron, Modi inaugurate UP’s biggest solar power plant in Mirzapur

Around 50 persons would be looking after the maintenance of the plant.

Japan open doors for Indian IT professionals

“The Japanese Government will be issuing Green Cards for highly skilled professionals, the first of its kind in the world thereby providing people to get permanent resident status in as short as one year. This is one of the fastest granted right of residence in the world.”

Myanmar probes grave after soldiers seen detaining men

The conflict is separate to the Rohingya crisis in the west of the country, but security forces are similarly accused of committing frequent abuses against civilians.

Asia-Pacific trade deal signed by 11 nations

In short, the biggest winners are expected to be in Asia, while the wealthier countries, on balance, are not expected to receive as much of a boost.

Curfew in Sri Lankan tourist town of Kandy to be temporarily lifted

“The situation is improving and there have been no major incidents of violence reported in the last 12 hours,” said Major General Rukman Dias,

Sri Lanka imposes emergency for 10 days to stop communal violence

The measure comes after a local curfew was imposed on Monday in the central city of Kandy after days of unrest between the two communities during which a Buddhist man was killed and Muslim businesses were set ablaze.

China defends defence spending rise as low, proportional

China on Monday unveiled its largest defence spending increase in three years, fuelling an ambitious military modernisation programme and making its neighbours, particularly Japan and self-ruled Taiwan, nervous.

N Korea makes ‘agreement’ with S Korea after historic meeting: KCNA

A 10-member South Korean delegation travelled to Pyongyang in hopes of encouraging North Korea and the US to talk to one another 

India walks the thin line between Sectarian Islamic Divide as it explores mediation

Jordanian King Abdullah may have got the privilege to speak from Islamic Centre, a privilege denied to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but there is a lot more to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagement with the Middle-East

Maldives opposition protesters arrested after top court validates emergency rule

Yameen’s government has so far ignored international calls to lift the state of emergency, first declared on February, 5 for 15 days, and release opposition leaders from jail

Modi, Sushma hold high-level talks with Trudeau

Modi met his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau and both the leaders later also held delegation-level talks.