CAA protests: When will Congress get its act together?

Congress and other conventional parties are staring at irrelevance if they do not creatively step up their participation. The coming of age of young leaders not only challenges the BJP, but also all the traditional parties.

‘I was assaulted amidst slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai’

A journalism student narrates the horrifying account of being assaulted by goons near the main gate of JNU on January 5, while the cops looked on.

‘The street is a symbol that can mobilise people’

Suchitra Vijayan of The Polis Project, New York in conversation with Amit Sengupta on the current mass movement in India.

Why was the Davinder Singh case transferred to NIA?

The speed at which Davinder Singh’s case was handed over to the NIA should surprise many. What was the purpose of this transfer when the local police, R&AW and IB, were looking into the case? The move raises several uncanny questions.

Terror plot on Republic Day: Will the government tell the real story?

The arrest of a top cop in Kashmir in a terror plot along with terrorists opens a can of worms which can be traced to the hanging of Afzal Guru who was hanged to appease ‘the collective conscience of the nation’.

Soleimani’s Assassination: Has the Promise to Zeinab been fulfilled?

The murder of the Iranian general at Baghdad airport by Trump’s forces has triggered a major crisis in the Middle-east yet again. Surely, India can’t escape the ramifications.

CAB/CAA: A Rebellion of the Young

The economy has tanked. A new sectarian bill consolidates BJP’s communal politics with Hindu Rashtra as its dream. And waves of protests spreads across the nation like fire amidst police brutality and State arrogance

Citizen Amendment Bill: institutionalising division

So why leave out the persecuted communities of Ahmediyas, Sufis, Shias in Pakistan, or the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and the Rohingyas in Myanmar?

A women’s revolution rises from the Syrian war

London-based writer and activist Rahila Gupta in conversation with Sanjay Kapoor.

Hong Kong: ‘Silent’ Majority wants Democracy

The district polls victory is not only symbolic, it is also a pointer that the ossified structures of totalitarianism are not such a popular idea in China anymore, especially in Hong Kong.

Saudi Arabia: The sticky politics of war and peace greased by a $24 billion IPO

The gargantuan Saudi Aramco public issue which follows a catastrophic attack on oil refineries presents an opportunity to countries of the region to reorder ties and explore peace.

Trending: I Stand With JNU

India should learn a lesson from the massive resistance struggles in Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon and Iraq, where the entire spectrum of society, from shopkeepers to mothers and workers have joined hands with the young rebels.

Three murders in Santiniketan

They happen, one by one, with all the diabolical drama thrown in, not one murder, but three, rocking the eternal peace of the peaceful landscape in forever retreat, pushing everyone on the edge.

JNU: Relentless Struggle for the Right to Education

JNU has always walked in solidarity with the downtrodden in their struggles. The administration wants to kill its progressive essence with a massive hostel hike which will block poor students. But, JNU students refuse to be defeated.

Durga: She lies on the floor, in perfect repose

Annie Ali Khan died too young. Her spiritual journeys with a notebook and camera is still incomplete.