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India walks the thin line between Sectarian Islamic Divide as it explores mediation

Jordanian King Abdullah may have got the privilege to speak from Islamic Centre, a privilege denied to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but there is a lot more to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagement with the Middle-East

‘Maldives is a failed state where no institution is working’

President Yameen’s financial fortunes have improved remarkably since he came to power. He has had no sources of funds or resources.

‘Parliamentary democracy smothered in Maldives’

India is our closest neighbour and has always been ready to come to our help in times of crisis, then why are we playing these games. My party is extremely concerned about the haphazard manner in which Maldives’ foreign policy is being pursued.

‘Maldives is a failed state where no institution is working’

In the Maldives, the President manipulated laws to centrally control everything. Now one man is controlling the Parliament and judiciary.

‘We do not see anyone in the government except President Yameen’

Ali Zahir, Deputy leader of Maldives’s Adalat Party, speaks to Hardnews on the current political climate in the Maldives.

Maldives: Democracy under ‘all-out assault’

“President Yameen has, to put it bluntly, usurped the authority of the State’s rule-of-law institutions and its ability to work independently from the executive,” Mr Zeid said.

‘Parliamentary democracy has been smothered in Maldives’

In the backdrop of an escalating political crisis and a purge initiated by Maldives’ President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, former speaker of the People’s Majlis, Abdulla Shahid, speaks to Hardnews about the island nation’s growing proximity to China and the plight of its democratic system

‘We differ with the US on Jerusalem’

Appreciating India’s stand, a dapper and articulate Safadi, a former journalist and very keen to trade places with the interviewer, said that his country maybe a strategic ally of the US, but they have differences on the issue of Jerusalem. Jordan wanted Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine.

Iran offers control of Chabahar to India ahead of schedule

The offer comes a few weeks after India sent its […]

China’s BRI runs into a wall

Smaller nations like Nepal and Sri Lanka are increasingly subjecting […]