Foreign Policy

China defends defence spending rise as low, proportional

China on Monday unveiled its largest defence spending increase in three years, fuelling an ambitious military modernisation programme and making its neighbours, particularly Japan and self-ruled Taiwan, nervous.

N Korea makes ‘agreement’ with S Korea after historic meeting: KCNA

A 10-member South Korean delegation travelled to Pyongyang in hopes of encouraging North Korea and the US to talk to one another 

India walks the thin line between Sectarian Islamic Divide as it explores mediation

Jordanian King Abdullah may have got the privilege to speak from Islamic Centre, a privilege denied to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but there is a lot more to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagement with the Middle-East

Maldives opposition protesters arrested after top court validates emergency rule

Yameen’s government has so far ignored international calls to lift the state of emergency, first declared on February, 5 for 15 days, and release opposition leaders from jail

Modi, Sushma hold high-level talks with Trudeau

Modi met his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau and both the leaders later also held delegation-level talks.