Foreign Policy

Pak: Thousands of officers lied about dual nationality

During the hearing, it was revealed that 32,000 government servants out of a total of over 172,000 did not submit correct personal information for official record.

India to negotiate FTA with African free trade area AfCTA

Forty-four African countries last week formed an African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) aimed at creating a single market for goods and services with free movement of businesses and investments.

King Abdullah’s visit has provided Modi an opportunity to get Muslims onboard

King Abdullah’s visit is a watershed moment for Modi and his attempts to break away from the image of being a muscular Hindu nationalist who has no space for Muslims in his politics

Is it possible to ‘safely’ Facebook anymore?

But for those who can’t quite quit Facebook, there are ways to at least minimise the site’s ability to monetize your personal information without entirely losing the ability to see what cute thing your cousin’s baby gurgled this hour or what your co-worker thinks of his sandwich.

South Africa and the fable of the Guptas

At the same time, an increasingly uncomfortable spotlight is being shone on prominent politicians who, it is alleged, either partnered the Guptas, or turned a blind eye to their alleged misdeeds.