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2+2 dialogue: What it is in store for India?

In signing COMCASA during the 2+2, India has made a decision that the US is necessary to deal with China, but what happens to relations with Russia and Iran

US-Pak: Pompeo’s visit and looming uncertainty

Trump has unequivocally rescinded military aid to Pakistan, which will become the only issue that Pompeo will have to address in his state visit

Course Correction: Return of Non-Alignment

In the shadow of the US’ protectionist and inward-looking policies, a new world order is taking shape with myriad possibilities, making India inch closer towards non-alignment

Call out Iran but keep nuclear deal, Germany says to US

On the eve of a deadline for U.S. President Donald Trump to decide whether to reimpose oil sanctions lifted under the agreement, the EU’s top diplomat Federica Mogherini convened the meeting with the European powers to show support for the nuclear deal in a message to Washington, diplomats and officials said.

Amping up its position on China the US blocks Chinese steel through Vietnam

China’s excess production capacity of both metals has emerged as a major trade irritant for the United States and Europe, prompting them to consider new steps to protect domestic industries and jobs from a flood of Chinese imports.

Pakistan warns US against unilateral military action on its soil

Unfortunately, in this context, we are getting signals of a unilateral action from America,” Gafoor said.

Russia accuses US of slipping into Cold War mentality

“They are threatening to impose sanctions not only on Russia, but also on the Europe and China, which has been recently hit by another round of anti-dumping measures,” said Patrushev

Bomb blast hits military vehicle, wounds 17 in southeast Turkey — army

Explosives planted by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants ripped through […]